Customer Review: Alyssa Rizavi!

We are so honored to have such loyal customers. Today, Alyssa has such wonderful words to share about us! Alyssa, thank you for trusting us and being such a great customer!
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1. What made you come to ST?
So where do I begin? Ruby and I have actually known each other for a while now. Since I was a little girl (she was actually Ruby Aunty to me), but as I got older and all the formalities were dropped and we created the friendship we have now. There are a lot of reasons why I go to ST and specifically like working with Ruby… plain and simple — she is the realest person I have ever met and she listens! She truly knows what she is talking about and gives good advice! I love how she is always listening and gives outfits such a personal touch. She makes it about YOU.
The beauty about shopping for Indian clothes is there is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” outfit, at least not with Ruby! Everything is normally fitted for one person, and you want to stand out since it’s typically for a special occasion! It’s all about the fitting!
When I shop at ST, there are a few things I look for:
I of course want it to be flattering. I went through a really rough phase (let’s not beat around the bush – it was the freshman 15!) where nothing fit me.  It was a struggle initially, but Ruby made it work! She made me look good and I actually felt good! When I started taking care of myself and lost all that weight-Ruby also made it work! She designed more outfits that showed some skin and it was flirty! ST is always catering to my needs.
2. Did you know what you were looking for?
Color color color. I am really particular about color. I’m kind of weird because I think I am one of the very few Indians who actually enjoys tanning, so I have to make sure I wear suits that compliment my skin tone. I don’t know how they do it, but ST always follows through and delivers the exact color that I am looking for. It’s unbelievable to think of the different shades of coral/salmon there are in this world and Ruby was the only one to find the exact shade I wanted and made a suit that fit like a glove.
Design. I’ve just recently tapped into my Indian side, so I am really into wearing very Indian-y things, but with my own personal twist to it. So saris, lengas, churidaars, bell bottom pants are amazing to wear, but I wanted a different type of blouse. So when you have the opportunity to work with someone who takes everything you say and tells you that it can done, well…it’s just amazing!
3. What did you end up getting from ST?
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So I am going to talk about one specific outfit that I really wanted. It’s called the Deepika (Padukone) outfit because I recently saw one of her movies. I immediately texted my mom and googled pictures telling her I wanted that exact outfit. Well I didn’t have to say anything else! Within three weeks, the outfit was ready, perfect, and probably 1000 times better than Deepika’s! It was a short blouse, backless with little bead work on the front, and it had high slits on the sides. It was fuchsia with a slight hint of gold work. It was breathtaking and beautiful.  I felt so confident with this outfit!
Alyssa, thank you so much for your kind words! Remember, at Silk Threads we only give you the best fabrics, styles, and customer service!