Indian Anarkali Suit

STC_9046The traditional Indian Salwar Kameez or Pakistani Shalwar Kameez is going through constant innovation.

One such variation which is very popular currently is the Indian Anarkali suit. 

The name comes from the time of the Mughal rulers of India, where Anarkali was a famous courtesan in one of the ruler’s courts.

An anarkali suit consists of a long kameez or shirt, paired with narrow pants called churidar, with a scarf known as dupatta.  The Anarkali shirt is fitted at the top, but flares out at the bottom with multiple pleats, as can be seen in this picture.STC_9178

These suits can have light or heavy embroidery, and the Anarkali shirt can have several styles as well – ranging from full sleeves to sleeveless, and with varying amounts of embroidery.

You can see quite a few Indian Anarkali suits online, but we have seen cases where the product which was shipped did not match what was ordered. For best results, work with an established company which can stand behind their product.

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