Indian Salwar Kameez

437What can we say about Salwar Kameez!

The quintessential outfit – salwar (also spelt shalwar) kameez, popularly known as the Punjabi suit, used to be the traditional dress of women in just the northwestern India and eastern Pakistan. However, Salwar Kameezs can not only be spotted all over India and Pakistan, (as well as Indian salwar kameez online) but also in major metros of Great Britain, United States and Canada.

A basic Salwar Kameez consists of trousers (Salwar or Shalwar) and a long tunic (kameez) that is usually paired with a scarf (dupatta). However, there are countless variations available on the traditional Salwar Kameez.

Traditionally, the salwars are baggy – long and loose-fitting with narrow hems above the ankles that are stitched to look like cuffs (also called Patiala Salwars). However, as you can see in the picture on the left, salwars can be tight and fitted – called Churidar Salwars. In addition, there are multiple variations on the length of the salwar, the bagginess, as well as presence of embroidery on the cuffs.STC_9201Crop

The same story goes with the Kameez – traditionally a long tunic, it has gone through countless variations – with full sleeves, half sleeves, three quarter sleeves, sleeveless, one shoulder, embroidery everywhere, and much more – too many styles to describe.

The Dupatta or scarf has its own set of styles – small, long, with embroidery on two sides, on four sides…the list goes one…there’s even a dupatta which looks like a rope!

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