Indian Wedding Dresses Dallas

neelam3Are you tired of searching for Indian wedding dresses online? You want to know the latest trends in wedding dresses – you have seen the latest Bollywood movies, checked out tons of posts on Instagram and Pintrest, but are still not finding what you dreamt of as a little girl?

Fear not – we are here to help you buy or create the right Indian wedding dress.

But first, what trends are we seeing? Here are some examples:

1. Fusion gowns

A blend of traditional and modern, east and west – colors can range from the pure white to a neon green…whatever strikes your fancy, and fits the location…we’ve seen it all!
 #2. Floor length anarkalis
Let’s go traditional! As our page on Indian Anarkali suits describes, these are named after a Mughal courtesan, and usually come with a narrow top and a flared bottom…recent bridal trends match these with heavy embroidery and dupatta to make the bride look elegant and royal…
 #3. Neon ghagras
Image Courtesy: Neeta Lulla Collection

Neons keep popping back in fashion…the color scheme is up to you…you just have to make sure that the groom is rocking something complementary!

#4. Jackets
Image Courtesy: Rohit Bal Collection (left), Tarun Tahiliiani Collection (centre), Suneet Varma Collection (right)

A recent trend is around Jackets – you can add long jackets or change the length of the choli to change the complete look!

Image Courtesy: Adarsh Gill Collection (left), Neeta Lulla Collection (centre), Meera Muzaffar Ali Collection (right)


There are many more trends – but when you are ready to buy an Indian wedding dress, check out our collection, or setup an appointment for a free consultation.