Wedding Lehenga Choli


The selection of the wedding Lehenga Choli is the centerpiece of bridal shopping. More often than not, the color of the groom’s sherwani or other outfits is dependent on the bride’s lehenga choli color. See example of the right from one of our #RealBrides. (but before you buy a wedding lehenga choli online or in a store, please read our post on 5 things you should know when shopping for a wedding lehenga or bridal dress)

Over the years, the designs of the wedding lehenga cholis has evolved – especially, in the North America, the designs have been influenced by the typical wedding dress.

Here are some newer variations to the traditional designs:alyssa1

Trail Lehenga

The inspiration for the trail wedding lehengas comes from Christian wedding dresses, with a veil and trail. The flare and the trail add a grand and royal touch to the wedding lehenga – much like the trend Queen Victoria started of a white wedding dress, when she wore an exquisitely trimmed lace white gown for her wedding in 1840.

Jackets, capes and Layers

A new trend of adding a long choli or a heavy embroidered jacket or a sheer cape has become very popular. It adds to the depth of the lehenga, giving it a very sophisticated look.

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