Silk Threads Designs Feature: BK Boutik!

We are so excited to see our designs in other cities and gorgeous boutiques. Today, we are featuring BK Boutik!

1. When did you open?

Betty Turnbough opened Merle Norman Cosmetics/BK Boutik in August, 2009 and I merged Brooks Interior Design Studio in with their Boutik. I became the fashion buyer in 2010.

2. Why did you open this store?

Betty had a life long dream of owning her own cosmetic & retail clothing store and I’ve always wanted a retail/design studio. We decided it was a perfect fit to offer a total woman’s shopping paradise: Everything beautiful for herself and her home.

3. Who is your ideal customer or target customer?

Our ideal customer is one we can build a relationship with. One who enjoys life, is hospitable, and who loves to look pretty. We cater to women who don’t have the visual eye for pulling outfits together.  They walk in, we pull multiple outfits together and are a part of the process of deciding which outfits are the most stunning on her.

4. Why did you decide to choose our designs for your store?

I met Ruby and we connected immediately. I loved her magnetic smile and personality. She was wearing this tunic with turquoise boots and THAT is what sold me!