What To Wear: Diwali

One of our most favorite holidays is around the corner! Can you guess? Diwali!! Diwali, the festival of lights, is the most popular of all the festivals from South Asia. It is an occasion for celebrations by Hindus as well as Jains and Sikhs. It marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year according to the Lunar Calendar.



We’ve broken down what you should wear at any Diwali party!

This festival is typically celebrated with friends and family so you must look your best! We highly recommend for you to go outside your comfort zone and try something new! This is the time to wear bold prints, colors, and intricate prints. Here are some of our latest pieces that would be perfect for any Diwali event:

Digitally Printed Saree:

Satya Paul hope sari by Lisa Ray Heavy embroidery saree:


Floor length anarakli:


Try not to have everything match. Remember, Diwali is all about wearing bright and bold colors. This is the perfect excuse to wear a variety of textures, and prints! Keep it chic and modern, and glam it up with accessories or a bag. If you are going to attend a more of a formal event then you must sport fusion pieces that includes a lot of embroidery, layers, and big statement pieces.

These are some of Ruby’s favorite pieces to rock at any Diwali gala event!






Once you have picked out your gorgeous outfit then it’s all about accessories. Larger pieces like these earrings or polki style accessories are perfect!



Do not forget about your bag! A bag or clutch is what completes any outfit! We have a variety of Fair Intentions bags that will be the perfect accessory and it will GIVE BACK TO THOSE IN NEED! 


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