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What do I do with this Bridesmaid dress or Saree?


Did you ever wonder why we have bridesmaids, all dressed the same, in most weddings? The tradition has now spilled over to Indian-American weddings, with interesting variations like similar sarees instead of dresses.

Apparently, bridesmaids were required by law in Roman times, to be witnesses to the wedding, and to confuse the evil spirits trying to cast bad luck over the marriage…

In modern times, where most brides don’t believe in evil spirits, bridesmaids serve the important role of bridal advisers, emotional support-providers, and planners of bad-ass bachelorette parties…

So now that you have been to a couple of weddings as a bridesmaid, and have those lavendar dresses hanging in the back of your closet – can you do something with them?

Well, according to the folks at the Style Me Pretty blog, you can. Their recommendations range from dyeing to accessorizing, or pairing with outerwear – which may work for some…

For those of you who got your bridesmaids dresses or sarees made from Silk Threads, we can provide several additional options:

  • Add embroidery – most bridesmaid dresses are made on a limited budget – that means minimal embroidery. However, by adding different styles of embroidery – from thread-work to gota to crystals, you can change the complete look of the saree. (curious about how hand-embroidery is done? Watch the #RealVideos on our Youtube Channel)
  • Add a blouse: If your current blouse is simple, see if you can swap it with a heavy emboidered blouse to make it look elegant
  • Nip & Tuck – add or remove sleeves, straps or belts, change the length or be creative – we can help with that.
  • Use it as a backdrop – if you are looking to add some ethnic-inspiring decor, you can use parts of your outfit if it fits the color scheme, and you are willing to destroy the dress…

Have more ideas? Contact us by filling the form on the right and let’s see what we can do together…

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